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Ureshino Spa is one of the famous hot spring resort places in Japan that is recorded in the old official documents which was written in 1300 years ago. Origin of place names in Japanese of "uresii", this means that "happy" in English. The character of Ureshino Spa’s water is smooth and soft, also known as one of the top quality water in Japan for keeping the beautiful skin. Drinking this spa water has also good effect of toning gastrointestinal condition for the body. "Boiled Tofu with Ureshino Spa water" is not only delicious with a soft texture, but it has rich nutritional value as healthy food. In addition, Ureshino is famous as producing area of top class delicious green tea. Recently Ureshino succeeded to produce black tea also. Please taste delicious green tea and black tea. And good pottery, sake(Japanese rice wine) and hand made Japanese paper are also top product of Ureshino. Ureshino Spa is a attractive region with full of specialty which symbolize the Japanese culture. Please stay longer and enjoy your vacation. Probably you can meet Ninja.